Using Census Data to Enrich Alberta Nonprofits

October-November 2022

This online training series was developed in partnership with Statistics Canada. You will learn how to use Census data to support your nonprofit organization. The training includes Census methods, geographies, variables, analysis, and how to access data. There are sample exercises to complete, and you will be introduced to tools that will enhance your experience working with nonprofits.

We provide materials and videos for each 1-hour long session. We recommend proceeding in a linear fashion as content builds on previous sessions. The exception is the bonus session, which can be viewed independently. Slides and materials may contain additional content from that in the videos, and often contain exercises to help you apply what you learn.

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Session 1: Census Methodology and Access

We provide a brief history of the Census and explored the Census methodology. You learn how to navigate the StatCan website and complete a case study on how Census data is used.

The presentation slides are here. The video link is here.



Session 2: Geography and Confidentiality

We focus on the different levels of geography from provinces and territories available through the Census. You also learn about confidentiality and the Census.

The presentation slides are here. A resource sheet is provided here. The video link is here.

Session 3: Census Concepts and Variables

We explore the Census data concepts and the variables. You learn about reference materials available and how to access highlight tables and data profiles.

The presentation slides are here. The video link is here.



Session 4: Data Products and Analysis

We introduce the multi-variable cross-tabulations available on the StatCan website. You also learn how to use the Beyond 20/20 data browser to view and manipulate data tables.

The presentation slides are here. Tips to use Beyond 20/20 are here. Relevant session links are here. The video link is here.

Session 5: Topics Selected by Participants

We covered topics identified as relevant to participants. For example, topics cover income, low-income, seniors, and housing.

A document provided to support the session is here. The video link is here.

Session 6: Data Products and Analysis

In this session, you apply everything you have learned. A brief introduction is provided to support a final exercise.

The final exercise is here. The video link is here.

Bonus Session: Census Aggregator Tool

This session introduces a Census tool created by Purposive Analytics to easily aggregate census information. The session introduces the tool and provides some use case scenarios.

The Census Aggregator Tool is here. The video link is here.