Build your capacity to gather and manage data.

At PolicyWise for Children & Families, we have years of experience collecting and managing data of all types. Along the way we have learned from many organizations and partners. With the Data Lifecycle and Demographic Datapedia, we want to share what we have learned. The tool can help you build capacity in your organization and improve the way you collect and use data.

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Video 1: Start here if you’re new to thinking about demographic data.

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Video 2: Watch this to learn more about the resources on the Build Better Data site.

Building Better Data in Action

PolicyWise is collaborating with Health Cities on an exciting new initiative using our Build Better Data tools. Together, we’re strengthening data capacity across the non-profit sector as part of the Edmonton Community Data Warehouse. 

Hear why having strong data capacity matters from two organizations involved in the project. We spoke to Omar Yaqub from the Islamic Centre for Family and Social Services Association and Maria Savidov from the Bissell Centre. 

Data Lifecycle

What do I need to know to collect and use data well?

We have created the Data Lifecycle as a resource. It can be used to help think about how to collect meaningful, useful, and well-managed data. Explore each section to learn more about the iterative phases of the data lifecycle.

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Demographic Datapedia

Why use the Demographic Datapedia?

The Demographic Datapedia can help your non-profit to understand and communicate your social impact. Collecting relevant information about the populations you serve lets you know who you are reaching. It also highlights who you may be missing in your programming. With this knowledge, you can build, expand, or improve your initiatives to be more equitable and inclusive. The Datapedia guides you through the process of selecting and adapting appropriate demographic measures to fit your organizational goals. It includes sample questions you can use related to education, housing, and gender, among others.

Indicates Datapedia entries that are still being developed.

Do you have additions to suggest to the Datapedia? Or, do you want to learn more about working with data?
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