SAGE Governance

SAGE is overseen by the SAGE Strategic Advisory Committee (SAC). The SAC does not have decision-making powers but offers advice on the SAGE strategy when appropriate. Any decisions which are felt to be particularly risky or change the scope of the project will be taken to SAC to be discussed. The Committee meets on an as need basis, around key project milestones and is chaired by Belinda Boleantu, who reports on SAGE to the PolicyWise Board.

The SAGE Implementation Group, chaired by Xinjie Cui, meets every two months and is a decision-making body. The chair is the ultimate decision maker in this group, who is supported in making decisions by the other group members. Workstream Leads (technical, operations, strategy, and knowledge mobilization) report into the SAGE Implementation Group.

Meet the SAGE Team:

Jason Lau, Director, Data Operations

Jason is the Director of Data Operations at PolicyWise. He joined PolicyWise in March of 2015. He is responsible for the operations of the Child and Youth Data Laboratory (CYDL), Secondary Analysis to Generate Evidence (SAGE) and other operational aspects such as privacy and security policies and procedures, and supporting new data-driven projects that further the vision and mission of PolicyWise. Prior to joining PolicyWise, Jason was with Alberta Health developing partnerships in the research and innovation sector, as well as evidence-informed policies on health technologies. He has also served clinical operations roles in the pharmaceutical industry and earned a PhD in Medical Genetics from the University of Alberta.

Hannah Lloyd-Jones, Project Coordinator

With a background in project and research management in the Higher Education sector in the UK and Chile, Hannah loves working collaboratively to bring together diverse stakeholder visions, delivering challenging projects and getting to know new people. Previous projects that Hannah has worked on include an open research data repository at the University of Exeter, a student-led program on research, interdisciplinary learning, and an internationalization project for a doctorate program at the Universidad Católica. Hannah wrote her MA dissertation on the relationship between the state, the press and NGOs and their effect on reproductive rights in Chile and is passionate about sharing and reusing data whenever possible, especially when it can be used to inform social policy.

Poliana Barbosa, Project Coordinator

Driven by a desire to help children and families struggling in their development and promote well-being, Poliana joined PolicyWise as a project coordinator in January 2018. She has a strong background in developmental psychology, with a Masters of Science in Psychology from the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil, and a PhD in Psychology from the University of Alberta. Poliana enjoys working with a team of experts from different disciplines, collaborating towards a common goal.

Robert Jagodzinski, Data Analyst

With an educational background in computer science and ecology Robert Jagodzinski has accumulated over 15 years of experience in data analysis, data management, computer programming, software debugging, and data quality assurance. He is familiar with all stages of the research cycle including planning, collection, quality assurance, data cleaning, analysis, and reporting. This extends across many sectors including academic, agriculture, wildlife management, energy industry, environmental economics, and health care. These projects have informed everything from knowledge translation in long term care facilities, to the national caribou conservation strategy, to environmental policy development in the resource sector. He also has extensive experience with Monte Carlo simulation techniques and worked on a variety of projects including forestry harvesting optimization, wildlife population modelling, and forest fire simulation modelling.

Yunqi Zhang, Data Analyst

Yunqi received his Master degree in Biostatistics from the University of Utah in 2015. Before joining PolicyWise, he worked as a data analyst in Oklahoma City-County Health Department for two years. Yunqi is passionate about improving the well-being and health status of children and families from perspective of a statistician. Specific statistical methods he is interested in include logistic regression, longitudinal data analysis, survival data analysis, and marginal structure modeling.

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