Data Byte #1802: An Insight into Child Intervention Clients’ Mental Health

Did you know… among children and youth who received Child Intervention services in Alberta (aged 0 to 22), 1 in 5 used mental health services between 2005/06 and 2010/11.

View the full Data Byte here.

Explore the full report here.

PolicyWise for Children and Families manages the Child and Youth Data Lab (CYDL). Data Bytes are bite-sized pieces of data from the CYDL’s longitudinal project, Experiences of Alberta Children and Youth Over Time, 2005-06 to 2010-11. Fourteen reports are available from the study here along with the program overlap matrix. Analyses and report writing are ongoing. Each Data Byte highlights a single finding from a full report or the program overlap matrix and is meant to give readers a quick data morsel to chew on. Our goal with the Data Bytes is to share with our stakeholders the wide variety of results in the project, create a way for them to explore the full reports and program overlap matrix, and encourage people to think about policy implications.

View the full collection of Data Bytes here.

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