Cost Recovery

SAGE operates on a cost-recovery model. Sharing of costs between PolicyWise, data accessors, and data depositors is crucial to the sustainability of this resource. To this end, it is important that data management, data sharing, and data access and deposit costs be factored into research proposals at the time of applying for funding. We recover fees determined on a project-to-project basis. SAGE staff can assist you in estimating these costs.

For an estimate of our cost-recovery fee for data accessors, please see below.

Service Cost
Project setup $2,000 – $8,000
Analytic Software (per software, per project) $0 – $710 (depending on software)
Infrastructure maintenance (per project) $480
User setup (per user) $140
User renewal (annual fee) $85
Additional consultation (per hour) $115


For data deposit cost-recovery fee*, please contact us at

*Cost-recovery fees may be waived for extenuating circumstances.