Enviros Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Support Program

PolicyWise evaluated the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) support program offered through Enviros as part of ongoing efforts to improve the program and adopt leading practices in caregiver support and service delivery.

The evaluation sought to:
• Understand how well the Enviros FASD support program works
• Identify the features and influences on outcomes
• Develop a framework for ongoing monitoring, adaptation, and improvement.

Evaluators found that the program significantly supports caregivers of children affected by FASD. Statistical analysis, qualitative interviews, and
focus groups showed that caregiver outcomes improved and children’s risk factors decreased after participating in the program. Of particular interest is how staff support caregivers in understanding clinical diagnoses and assessments, strengthening caregivers’ knowledge of FASD effects and building capacity to implement strategies.

The project team presented an evaluation report with findings and future opportunities.

Next Steps
Future opportunities for Enviros include clarifying the program logic model, adapting assessment tools, and building capacity to collect and analyze program data. The project team will support knowledge mobilization efforts and implementation of future opportunities and considerations.