A Snapshot of Mental Health Services & Needs of Emerging Adults in Greater Calgary

PolicyWise for Children & Families conducted a project to better understand the mental health landscape for emerging adults in the Calgary area. The project was initiated and funded by the Hunter Family Foundation and lead by a steering committee including members from Calgary Counselling Centre, Alberta Health Services, Canadian Mental Health Association, Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation, and Karma & Cents Inc.

We identified 5 key findings:

  1. There are subgroup populations who are less likely to seek or access mental health services (i.e., emerging adults from rural/remote areas, newcomers to Canada, gender diverse individuals, and distinct groups of parents/caregivers of emerging adults)
  2. In addition to mental health concerns, emerging adults experience complex and unique challenges as they transition into adulthood such as relationship, housing, and financial concerns
  3. Emerging adults often seek support from their friends, family or their family doctor and may rely on these supports to help access mental health services in different settings (e.g., health, education, or community)
  4. Services provided in different settings (i.e., health, education and community) offer similar mental health support but are generally not well coordinated with one another
  5. Lack of coordination among mental health services from different settings reduces continuity of care and emerging adults’ ability to navigate and access services

To read more about the implications, background, methodology, or other project components, please see the Final Report and/or the Infographics below.


Emerging Adult Mental Health – Final Report

Emerging Adult Mental Health – Bridging Child Adult Services (Infographic)

Emerging Adult Mental Health – Natural Supports (Infographic)