SAGE: Data Scope Statement

SAGE aims to serve the Alberta not-for-profit and research community by providing a platform to share and analyze data for secondary purposes. In particular, SAGE is focused on high-quality data with potential for re-use.

SAGE seeks to share datasets that:

  • Involve primary data collection on human subjects
  • Includes content on social, health, human ecology, environment, community, learning, and other related fields. Of special interest are multi-disciplinary studies (i.e., health and environment; community and education)
  • Are of sufficient quality for re-use (SAGE can assist in determining quality)

With the above focus, certain datasets are considered out-of-scope for SAGE:

  • Data collected from non-human subjects
  • Data with legal impediments to sharing or deposition (i.e. commercially-owned data, etc.)
  • Data from literature reviews
  • Studies with mainly genomic data
  • Clinical drug/intervention trials with limited scope beyond verification of effectiveness.

However, these are meant to be guidelines and it is encouraged that all interested parties contact the SAGE team to discuss the suitability of our services in helping you increase the utility and impact of your data.

To find out more, please contact us at

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