SAGE: Data Access Process

Those wishing to re-use SAGE data can explore SAGE datasets through Dataverse and NADA. Metadata is available explaining each study, as well as the variables within each study.

1. Data Access Inquiry

When you’ve decided you want to access Our Data, submit a Data Inquiry Form. This provides SAGE staff with a brief overview of your intended research. We then consult with you to assess the feasibility of your proposal.

2. Access Review and Ethics

Once we’ve looked at your initial inquiry, we ask that you to submit a full proposal (including a list of all variables of interest) which are reviewed.

After your proposal has been approved, you’ll need ethics approval by a recognized ethics board or equivalent.

3. Data Access Agreement

Data Access Agreement is signed by both parties and outlines the terms and conditions for provision of services and data, as well as applicable fees (see Cost Recovery). Each team member accessing the data needs to sign a Code of Conduct Acknowledgement.


Through the SAGE Analytic Environment, you will be able to analyze a customized the de-identified dataset. The SAGE Analytic Environment is a virtual desktop system which allows secured, remote access to data and relevant analytical tools. To protect participant privacy and confidentiality, data cannot leave the SAGE Analytic Environment, and outputs are reviewed by SAGE staff prior to export.

5. Evaluation of Research Impact

SAGE actively seeks to increase and measure the impact of secondary dataset use. We will work with you to facilitate dissemination and uptake of knowledge generated you’re your project.

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