Bullying Think Tank: Part 1 of 3

Building Healthy Relationships: Alberta’s Bullying Prevention Strategy Think Tank Agenda Monday, June 11, 2012

Content included in Part 1: – Welcome and Introductions – Panel Discussion 1 – focus on specific settings where bullying is prevalent • Glenn French – President and CEO, Canadian Initiative on Workplace Violence, Toronto, Ontario • Jane Tallim – Co-Executive Director, MediaSmarts, Ottawa, Ontario • Dr. Tracy Vaillancourt – Canada Research Chair, Children’s Mental Health and Violence Prevention, University of Ottawa, Ottawa Meeting Objectives: • Deepen and enhance our collective knowledge on the issue of bullying prevention. • Provide a solutions-focused view of the actions most likely to prevent bullying. • Inform members of the Cross-Ministry Working Group and other key stakeholders about leading research and promising practices in other regions of Canada and the world. • Inform our individual and collective work and take our thinking and practice relating to bullying prevention to “the next level”. • Provide input into the development of a framework and integrated model that identifies key levers that will support bullying prevention and will inform the strategies and actions included in the plan. • Identify needs, opportunities and options for ongoing sharing of information, learning and best practices.

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