Third Quarter 2022 Community Nonprofit Sector Outlook Results Are In!

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What is the Alberta Nonprofit Data Strategy

The goal of the Alberta Nonprofit Data Strategy is to enhance the use of data in the non-profit and voluntary sector across the province.
It’s one of the collaborations that are part of the Alberta Nonprofit Network.
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We’ve completed our analysis of the 3rd quarter data from the 2022 Canadian Survey on Business Conditions. Here’s a summary of what we found!

Community nonprofits have increasing stability and optimism about the upcoming year. Sixty-five percent of community nonprofits expect income growth over the coming three years. Staff recruitment and retention remain top concerns among non-profits. Non-profits report inflation, insurance, and other inputs are driving up costs

Non-profits plan to address employee well-being by implementing safety, wellness, and work-life balance policies. Focusing on environmental  concerns is another area where non-profits plan to improve.

Top 3 obstacles reported by community nonprofits:

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