Organizational Outlook for the Nonprofit Sector

1st Quarter Analysis: January – February 2022

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What is the Alberta Nonprofit Data Strategy

The goal of the Alberta Nonprofit Data Strategy is to enhance the use of data in the non-profit and voluntary sector across the province.
It’s one of the collaborations that are part of the Alberta Nonprofit Network.
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We’ve completed our analysis of the 1st quarter data from the 2022 Canadian Survey on Business Conditions. Here’s a summary of what we found!

Community nonprofits have continued optimism about the upcoming year. They are also still more optimistic than the private sector.

Nearly 40% of community nonprofits plan to expand, restructure, and grow over the coming year. Similar to the previous quarter, one-third anticipate increased demand and one-quarter expect reduced cash reserves over the coming quarter.

Top 3 obstacles reported by community nonprofits:

Almost half of of the nonprofits plan to increase wages for existing employees, encourage training opportunities, and increase benefits to keep and attract employees. Other strategies community nonprofits are using include offering flexible schedules and remote work options.

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