Alberta Non-Profits’ Optimism Soars as Economy Heats Up

Community Non-Profit Analysis, Second Quarter 2023

Many kites soar in the sky.Alberta’s non-profits are increasingly optimistic as the economy continues to heat up.

According to the latest findings from PolicyWise’s Alberta Nonprofit Data Strategy, non-profits’ enthusiasm about the coming year has increased over the past two quarters. With the unemployment rate trending down, their optimism has risen from 74% to 94%.

This positive outlook stems from Alberta non-profits reporting to be less concerned about inflation and rising costs. They are also having fewer challenges finding employees, which contrasts trends reported in the rest of Canada.

Alberta’s non-profits may be feeling more optimistic, but the future is still uncertain. With the economy remaining hot and inflation still rising, further interest rate hikes may be coming to slow down rising costs and prevent a possible recession. If the economy does not cool off, non-profits may again be challenged to perform their critical role in supporting communities.

Learn more about these findings and the Alberta Nonprofit Data Strategy.

The Alberta Nonprofit Data Strategy is supported by the Alberta Nonprofit Network and jointly funded by PolicyWise for Children & Families, the Government of Alberta, and the Edmonton Community Foundation.