A guide for adapting immersive place-based research for an uncertain world

At PolicyWise, we’re committed to participatory, inclusive research and evaluation. That’s why we’re excited to share with you a Wayfinder guide to in-situ methodologies in a COVID-19-impacted uncertain world. It’s created by PolicyWise staff member, Nicole Glenn, and colleagues Martine Shareck and Stephanie Alexander. It was published by the UK’s National Centre for Research Methods. The guide provides practical tips and builds on a research paper the co-authors recently published in Health & Place.

The ongoing global pandemic has complicated the use of in-situ methodologies. Walking, riding, or otherwise being together, immersed in the sights, sounds, and stories of people’s daily lives, is no longer necessarily safe or secure. Like so many things, these methodologies must adapt to our new reality. The Wayfinder guide is designed to help with the process. In it are reflective questions to guide adaptations to in-situ methodologies. An example highlights the reflective process in action while lessons learned demonstrate how making adaptations that are context-specific is key to success. We hope you’ll check it out and share it broadly!