Integrated Hubs 2nd Call for Applications

Information for Eligible Communities

This application call is for community-based agencies interested in leading a community-based integrated mental health service hub for youth (Integrated Hub). Integrated Hubs are commonly defined as the integration of mental health, social services, and primary health care in a youth friendly environment.

There are two funding streams available for communities:

  1. Capacity and Readiness
  2. Plan and Prepare

To learn more about the 2nd call for applications, please access the following webinar that was hosted on December 5, 2018.

Communities are only eligible to apply for one funding stream. The funding opportunities are described in further detail below.

  Capacity & Readiness Plan & Prepare
Description For communities who have established alignment and are looking to conduct analysis of resources and partner’s willingness to make the vision a reality. For communities who have committed partners, resources, and capacity to carry out preparation of operational needs for implementation.
Funding Amount $10,000 $75,000
Funding Purpose To facilitate bringing together stakeholders to assess capacity and readiness. To coordinate a steering committee and working group to prepare for initial implementation.
PolicyWise Commitments
  • Provide community-level service data.
  • Provide guidance to work through the Implementation Framework.
  • Facilitate community planning meetings and discussions.
  • Lead and facilitate all bi-weekly implementation and steering committee meetings with communities.
  • Provide guidance to work through the Implementation Framework.
  • Host planning summits and connections to other Integrated Hubs.
Community Commitments
  • Capacity and readiness assessment demonstrates commitment to proceed to next stage or need to build further capacity.
  • Steering committee and working groups have adapted the Implementation Framework to meet local needs.
  • Community is prepared for Initial Implementation pending capital funds.
For Further Information Integrated Hubs Application Information Package
To Apply Capacity & Readiness Application Form Plan & Prepare Application Form 
Submission Materials   Plan & Prepare Budget Template

Applications are due January 28, 2018, at 4:00 PM MST, to Naomi Parker at

If you have any questions please email Val Salt at or Kyla Brown at