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The Alberta Ministry of Health has funded a novel project to test the benefits of two scientifically well-supported strategies to protect children from lifetime mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders: the PAX Good Behavior Game and Triple P (Positive Parenting Program).

Two Strategies to Protect Alberta
The Good Behavior Game (GBG) is the most proven classroom strategy to avert lifetime mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders. The PAX Good Behavior Game makes it easy for teachers and students to learn, use, and maintain GBG in real-world conditions.

Triple P (Positive Parenting Program) is a system of supports for parents and families validated in randomized trials in numerous countries. Rather than a single approach, Triple P is a system of supports that vary in intensity and modality for parents in many cultures, circumstances and needs. Triple P also prevents or reduces multiple mental, emotional, or behavioral disorders including child maltreatment.

Why Two Strategies?
Teachers and schools have no choice but to deal with children’s behavior. Disturbing, disruptive, destructive, and inattentive behaviors not only harm the future and learning of the child exhibiting the problem behavior, but all those in the classroom. PAX GBG provides reliable, simple to use, non-curriculum strategies to solve this difficult problem for schools.

While behavior and problems at home clearly impact classrooms, neither teachers nor school administrators are well equipped to help families improve behavior problems at home. Most parenting supports are difficult to access or cumbersome to learn or implement. Triple P, however, is a system of supports for every family, which can be delivered by diverse mechanisms, venues, and practitioners—including schools, neighborhood settings, local providers of every stripe, and even mass media or internet.

27 schools (both public and catholic) from rural, urban and remote areas of the province are participating.


Helpful Links
PAX: The Good Behaviour Game –
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Click on the Information Sheet below to access the tables that demonstrate why the two programs work best together.

Video Resources

  • CBC Television’s Doc Zone aired a documentary, Angry Kids and Stressed Out Parents, on March 27, 2014. The documentary featured PAX and Triple P as two, evidence-based programs that work. You can view the documentary at
  • Click here to learn about PAX: The Good Behaviour Game in under ten minutes through this Alberta-made vignette.
  • Meet Dr. Dennis Embry, Founder of The PAXIS Institute and creator of The Good Behaviour Game (GBG). Here Dr. Embry answers the most frequently asked questions about the GBG.
  • Teachers love The Good Behaviour Game. Watch this video to hear their perspective on how the game has helped them manage their classrooms.
  • In this video American Teachers and administrators relate the differences that the PAX Good Behavior
    Game have made in their classrooms—elevating the good behavior and dampening the unwanted behavior.

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