SES: The Effects of Bullying on Children

with Dr. Tracy Vaillancourt, Professor and Canada Research Chair, Children’s Mental Health and Violence Prevention, University of Ottawa

Dr. Tracey Vaillancourt discusses the effects of bullying on children in this 4 part video series. She examines the correlation between bullying behaviours and the increased risk factors for mental health issues, why bullying affects individual children differently and how a welcoming, caring, respectful and safe learning environment is important for reducing bullying behaviours.


Reducing the incidence of bullying behaviour decreases risk factors which may reduce the incidence of mental health issues for children, now and over the long-term.

Some children and youth seem to be adversely affected by bullying while others seem to cope better.

Physical pain is often short lived, whereas social pain can last a lifetime.

A positive classroom environment and nurturing school climate can reduce or prevent bullying behaviour.

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