Newsletter – November 2020

Message from CEO & President

Hello everyone! I hope you are all staying safe and healthy these days.  

I want to let everyone know that in December we will be hosting a Collaborative Action on Adversity, Trauma, and Resilience webinar. This will share our preliminary findings and propose a framework for action. Register here.  

We have completed a project with United Way around analyzing their donor information and being able to learn more about their demographics. It was a pleasure to work with them and we are glad they had a positive experience working with us.  

November is Family Violence Prevention month. To promote this, we ask that you wear purple to show your support and increase awareness.  

And, as you take time on November 11 to reflect on those who have served and sacrificed to protect and defend our Canadian way of life, remember to wear a poppy to show your support.  

Stay well.

Robyn Blackadar

United Way Project

When staff at United Way of the Alberta Capital Region began working with PolicyWise, their main goal was to learn. Both United Way and PolicyWise share similar values about the importance of data and evidence, and how it can help an organization learn about the people contributing to its success. This project would involve conducting and reporting on an analysis of donor-related data to help United Way better understand the donor community in the Alberta Capital Region.

The data would help United Way grow as an organization and have a base knowledge of the types of people who are inclined to donate. Such analyses will help inform future donor campaigns.

According to Sheilah Pittman, Director of Community Investment Stewardship with United Way, the most valuable part of working with PolicyWise was PolicyWise’s ability to “ask the right questions, listen to our inquiries and facilitate the process.” Sheilah explained that PolicyWise ensured they were always gathering data with a specific purpose in mind so that everything was useful.

PolicyWise has a team of experts who know how to ’harness the data’ so that their clients can get the most out of the data collected. Some of the analysis included: profiles of donor characteristics, donation trends across regions, and profiles of neighbourhoods.

Sheilah explained, “It would not have been helpful to provide a bunch of numbers that we didn’t know how to work with.”  “PolicyWise facilitates the process and walked us through each step,” commented Sheilah. “They were always focused on the goal and working to the end result.”

Family Violence Prevention Month

According to the Alberta government website, Alberta has the third highest rate of self-reported spousal violence among Canadian provinces. But family violence is preventable.  

November is family violence Prevention month.  

This month, we are asking people to wear purple to bring awareness for the cause and help someone know #wheretoturn.  

It’s important to remember that individual and societal actions have long-term impacts on people, often invisible impacts that can go unnoticed and untreated for years. All of these impacts are of course being amplified by the Covid-19 pandemic. Resources are available here.

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