ACCFCR Research Showcase – Day Two, Part 4 (May 23, 2013)

Growing a Research Project: The Story of The Life Skills Training Program with Lola Baydala, PhD and Cheryl Currie, PhD Youth Panel Chaired by Suzanne Tough, PhD Addiction Behaviours among Urban Aboriginal Youth in Canada with Cheryl Currie, PhD Teen Mental Health and Depression Treatment Programs with John Toews, PhD PEERS Program with Wendy Hoglund, PhD Considerations when Engaging Overweight Adolescent Boys in Qualitative Research with Zakk Morrison, MSc Women and their Babies Panel Chaired by Gary Cameron, PhD “Voices and PHACES”: Depression among pregnant Aboriginal women with Amrita Roy Maternal Mental Health and Child Development: Fast Facts of the Systematic Review with Dawn Kingston, PhD Carrying: Parental Experience of the Hospital Transfer of their Infants with Michael van Manen, PhD Family Resilience: Parents with Children with Complex Cross-sectoral Service Needs with Gwen Rempel, PhD Maternal and Child Long-Term Outcome after Trauma During Pregnancy with Kathy Hegadoren, PhD

Other Resources