A New Guide to Community Psychosocial and Mental Health Response and Recovery Post-Flooding in Canada

Announcing a Guide to Post-Flooding Community-Level Psychosocial Response and Recovery in Canada

PolicyWise is proud to announce the release of a new guide for public health professionals. In it we discuss providing community-level psychosocial and mental health support after a flood.

With the National Collaborating Centre for Environmental Health and a national advisor team, we explored the impacts, priorities, and response strategies that can be adapted and applied to flooding events across Canada.

Follow the link below to see the full report. Learn how to apply strategies at the community-level. Find out how relationships play a vital role in effective psychosocial and mental health response and recovery.

Find our interim report below and read about the impacts and priorities for action.

Webinar Recording

On March 30, 2023, project leads Maxime Myre and Nicole Glenn presented an overview of the experiences, challenges, and priorities of post-flooding community recovery, as well as described public health practices that can be adapted and applied to communities across Canada.

They then facilitated a panel discussion with Canadian experts about how the recommended practices are relevant and can be adapted to different contexts. Panelist included professionals in government and non-profit leadership working in disaster psychosocial and mental health recovery and response.