PolicyWise Celebrates Being Together

We Gathered

On September 28, 2022, the PolicyWise team got together in Red Deer – halfway between our Edmonton and Calgary Offices. Many of us met for the very first time. Others saw familiar faces that they hadn’t encountered in nearly three years.

It was a gathering to celebrate being together. We shared stories and more than a few laughs. “It was so easy to pick up conversations. I was expecting awkwardness, and there was none,” one of the staff explained. A newer staff member remarked “I  was surprised that the meeting had not been set up to get work done, it was entirely meant for us to get to know each other, laugh together, and strengthen our team culture.” While another joked: “surprise ! The Edmonton office is real!”

The past two-plus years have been hard on our team, as they have been on everyone. Meeting in person “rejuvenated the feeling of us all being in this together, overcoming our obstacles, and moving forward all while keeping it fun,” one staff member explained.

Others included in their highlights from the day: “the opportunity to bond,” “the hugs,” “showcasing of talents,” “opening up and sharing a little about us,” and “the creativity, weird facts, and how relatable people’s lives were outside of work.”

We Learned

We learned more than one thing through our gathering. Among these learnings was our taste in snacks. Are we popcorn people or more drawn to churros with chocolate?

We Celebrated Being Together

A sense of belonging, connection, and enhanced relationships were among the ‘take aways’ from the day.  A member of our senior leadership team shared:

“I will not be talking to strangers in our video meetings, as they are now friends!”