Closing the Gender Gap in Alberta Employment

Five Calls to Action for Alberta’s Community Non-Profits During the Election

Albertans are facing an affordability crisis on top of the impact of lost wages and work disruptions that started during the pandemic and continue today.

Women are strongly affected by this crisis. Albertans need sustainable solutions to improve pay equity, childcare, employment training, and business investment.

Community non-profits have on-the-ground knowledge of what women require to participate in Alberta’s workforce. They have the unique ability to develop nimble and innovative solutions. Industry, government, and non-profit partnerships can leverage these strengths to collaboratively support women’s employment. Applying community non-profits’ knowledge and solutions can ensure policies and programs provide women equitable opportunities to participate in the workforce.

Heeding community non-profits’ calls to action can promote gender equity, strengthen the economy, and support the well-being of families and communities, while addressing Alberta’s nearly 100,000 job vacancies.

Calls to Action

Albertans vote on May 29, 2023.

The provincial election is a unique opportunity to connect with politicians motivated to meet the needs and concerns of Albertans. Community non-profits can use this opportunity to advocate on behalf of the diverse women that they serve, highlighting their priorities for employment support.

Based on our research about supporting women’s workforce participation, we have developed five calls to action to close the gender equity gap in Alberta. 

  1. Enhance Childcare Systems
  2. Build Jobs and Training for Women
  3. Invest in Women Entrepreneurs
  4. Embrace Newcomer Women’s Full Potential
  5. Mobilize Community-Driven Solutions

Using a coordinated effort, we can demonstrate the impact of community non-profits and put the priorities of our communities on the attention of our elected officials with the calls to action.

We hope that community non-profits use this information to support their work by:

  • Amplifying the need for gender equity in Alberta’s labour force in communications with candidates and the new government after the election.
  • Citing the knowledge we gathered in grant applications or policy briefs to demonstrate the urgent need for action to promote gender equity in Alberta employment.

To connect with us about these calls to action, please contact the project team at

Advocacy Brief

Calls to action for closing the gender gap in Alberta employment. We highlight opportunities for Alberta community non-profits to leverage partnerships with government to collaboratively support women's employment.

This project has been funded by Women and Gender Canada.