Appreciating the Wonderful Work of Our Administrative Team

Administrative professionals are the backbone of any office. They ensure meetings are scheduled, documents are filed, and here at PolicyWise, computers are running, and paycheques are sent.


This is why, on Administrative Professionals Day, the PolicyWise team is happy to show our appreciation to our administrative staff, Krystal Brass, Janine King, Tony Ho, and Courtney Lundy. They make our offices more manageable, less chaotic, and incredibly fun!


Thank you for all you do.


We also want to share that on March 24, 2023, Courtney received special recognition for her work. During our 20th anniversary celebrations, she received PolicyWise’s first long-term service award in recognition of 15 years of service. Joining our Calgary office team in 2007, she has been with us longer than any current staff member.


Courtney was first hired to manage the administration of our research grant process. However, over the past 15 years, her role has evolved to become one where she now supports all our ongoing projects. Over 15 years, Courtney has:


·       Had four different job titles (Her current title is Research Project Administrator)

·       Contributed to event planning, website development, communications, operations, executive support, and human resource support

·       Supported the Alberta site of the Canadian Institute of Health Research-funded IMPACT research study as the Project Coordinator for  five years 

·       Been through a CEO change, a Calgary office change, an organization name change 


“I’ve appreciated PolicyWise’s agility over the years,” Courtney said. “My position has continually evolved, allowing me to learn and grow.”


PolicyWise has supported Courtney in completing an extension certificate in Business Administration and will be supporting her upcoming training to become a CMHA Certified Psychological Health and Safety Advisor. 


Courtney has also been instrumental in helping staff learn and implement the latest information technology, knowledge management, and business information systems. The team has undoubtedly benefitted from her creative ideas and the actions she takes to improve morale and build fun in our workplace.


The entire PolicyWise team is grateful for Courtney’s dedication and commitment to our organization.


Congratulations Courtney! 


To learn more about our administrative professional team, visit our “Meet Our Team” page.

All photographs were taken during our 20th anniversary event at the Matrix Hotel in Edmonton, Alberta on March 24, 2023.
Event photography was sponsored by Mawer Investment Management.