7 Resources for Non-Profits to Support Their Data Use and Analysis

PolicyWise’s Alberta Nonprofit Data Strategy invites non-profits to explore these capacity-building resources from other organizations to enhance their use of data

7 Resources for Non-Profits to Support Their Data Use and AnalysisData can be a powerful catalyst for change. Non-profits increasingly recognize the importance of harnessing it to amplify their impact and improve their services.

These seven resources provide a wide range of information, from understanding giving and volunteering in Canada to tools that can assist non-profits in exploring inflationary trends. We hope these tools will empower your non-profit to use data’s full potential to make wise, evidence-based decisions.

Find links to these seven data-based resources here.

1. Charity Insights Canada Project

Researchers at Carleton University lead the Charity Insights Canada Project. This project produces weekly surveys and reports on Canadian charitable sector’s trends, challenges, and opportunities.

The project’s website is a valuable source of up-to-date information for the non-profit sector, due to the significant presence of charitable organizations.

2. Canadian Knowledge Hub for Giving and Volunteering

The Canadian Knowledge Hub for Giving and Volunteering is a recently created resource to help non-profits and businesses gain a better evidence-based understanding of the nature of giving and volunteering in Canada.

The hub enables you to browse survey results from across Canada, including the provinces, based on results from Statistics Canada’s General Social Survey on Giving, Volunteering and Participating.

3. Alberta’s Non-Profit Sector: Too Essential to Fail

Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations’ report Too Essential to Fail assembles two years of reports, surveys, and analyses on Alberta’s non-profit sector.

This report showcases the essential role non-profits play in Alberta. It specifically highlights the toll the COVID-19 pandemic has had on these organizations, advocating for improved supports. It also includes novel analyses and counts on the total number of Alberta non-profits.

4. Catalyst for Change: A Roadmap to a Stronger Charitable Sector

The Government of Canada put together a Senate committee on the charitable sector. The committee extensively consulted with charities, non-profits, and volunteer groups to learn how Canada could support their essential work better.

This resource includes the reports and recommendations stemming from the consultation. There are several recommendations for improving the collection and gathering of non-profit data.

5. Alberta Non-Profit Listing

The Government of Alberta provides a regularly updated listing of created or incorporated non-profit organizations.

This list can be used to estimate the total number of registered non-profits in Alberta. However, it may not include smaller non-profits that need to be registered or are only volunteer based.

6. Arts and Culture Data Viewer

Statistics Canada’s Arts and Culture Data Viewer provides various dashboards on aspects of the arts and culture sector that are often part of the non-profit sector.

Use the viewer to explore this non-profit subsector.

7. Consumer Price Index Data Visualization Tool

Statistics Canada’s Consumer Price Index (CPI) represents price changes experienced by Canadian consumers. It measures them by comparing the cost of a fixed basket of goods and services over time.

The Latest Snapshot of the CPI tool shows data from the latest Index release and recent price changes by the various basket components and geographies. The Price Trends: 1914 to Today tool shows current and historical trends for different Index items at the national or regional level.

These tools can help non-profits explore inflation, a reported leading obstacle affecting their operations.

PolicyWise remains a steadfast ally to the non-profit sector, ensuring that data becomes a driving force for positive and lasting change. Learn more about our Alberta Nonprofit Data Strategy on our website.

PolicyWise’s Alberta Nonprofit Data Strategy is supported by the Alberta Nonprofit Network and jointly funded by PolicyWise, the Government of Alberta, and the Edmonton Community Foundation.

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