Supporting a Robust Human Rights Agenda in Alberta

Introducing the Dignity Forum

Alberta was once a leader in human rights in Canada. There is an opportunity to lead again. Now is the time. 

The Dignity Forum is a newly established charity with the goal of increasing awareness about human rights and responding accordingly to effect meaningful change. It was formed out of deep concern for the increase in discrimination and prejudice faced by racialized groups in Alberta and insufficient action in response.  

PolicyWise conducted policy research for the Dignity Forum. We created calls to action and guiding practices for system level change. Building on this research, the Dignity Forum named their priorities: 

Advocacy, including to strengthen the Alberta Human Rights Commission; 

Collaboration with community leaders and organizations across the provincial human rights sector; and, 

Education on human rights in the Alberta school curriculum.  

Launching the Dignity Forum

PolicyWise also assisted the Dignity Forum with their launch event. Their goal is to spark collaboration for human rights action in Alberta.

We encourage you to watch the recording of the May 25, 2022 launch!  

Joining us at the event were thought leaders, members of the philanthropic community, rights-related non-profits, educators, policymakers, and others in the human rights community from across Alberta.