Spotlight: Meet Jax!

Our Calgary team is fortunate to have some especially furry coworkers join them in their office from time to time. One of them is Jax who belongs to one of our PolicyWise Project Managers, Jennifer Medlock. Jax is about three and a half years old with quite a story. He was taken in by the Animal Rescue Foundation after being hit by a car in rural Saskatchewan in 2017 and had to have his leg amputated because of the accident. Though he’s had a rough start to his life, he gets along very well on his three legs, especially at the dog park! Jax is a very happy dog and definitely seems to have found himself a loving family with the Medlocks.

We asked some of our Calgary staff about what working with Jax is like and we got the following answers:

What is your favourite thing about having Jax in the office? 
  • “Jax brings such a calm, chilled out attitude. His giant fluffy ears and huge eyes melt my heart every time. It is such a pleasure to have him around.”
  • “His quiet, calm presence”
  • “Jax is an ‘old soul’ dog and I love his wisdom-y vibe and ‘your high pitched voice doesn’t faze me’ cavalier attitude.”
How would you describe Jax in one word?
  • Peaceful
  • Adorable
  • Calm
What do you think Jax loves most about being at the office? 
  • “He gets to watch Jen all day, and I think he loves keeping an eye on his person.”
  • “Seeing Val! Treats! Being spoiled.”
Studies have found that employees who bring their dogs to work accumulate less stress throughout their work day. Would you agree this is the case for you? Why?
  • “Jax (or dogs in general) take you out of the steadiness of work and tasks. With just a pass in the hallway, they can pull you out of a task-oriented (and sometimes overwhelming) mindset and bring you to the present. They are like an instant reset and add a fun element to the office.”
  • “I definitely agree. Having a dog around the office is a huge perk. Their cute furry faces have a way of taking your mind off your stress and helping you remember what is important in life. They also are a great reminder to take breaks and go outside for some fresh air, which is also very beneficial for mental health.”
  • “Absolutely. Having a pet walk up to you at your desk forces you to take a break, have a short non-sensical conversation and puts work in perspective.”