Training & Capacity Building

We conduct policy-relevant research and increase opportunities for research through collaborative partnerships.

Data Analytics & Visualization Training
One of our goals at PolicyWise is to enhance capacity and support organizations, programs, and First Nations communities to use their data to support evidence-based decision making. In partnership with Alberta First Nation’s Information Governance Center, we delivered a 3-day training workshop to First Nations learners from across Alberta. We balanced theory with hands-on activities, practical tips, and collaborative learning as we explored topics including, Excel Basics, Visualization Dos & Don’ts, and Telling Story with Basic Statistics & Graphs.

ABNN Data to Action Day
PolicyWise, in partnership with the Alberta Nonprofit Network (ABNN), facilitated a one-day Data to Action event in Edmonton. The purpose was focused on learning and developing better data competency.

Participants worked together with other stakeholders to gather information about how to think strategically about their data, what elements are needed to build organizational capacity for data and evidence, and how to draw data into compelling stories.

To learn more about the event, visit our Data to Action page.