Summary of Child and Youth Mental Health in School Settings

Schools are an ideal setting for reaching a large number of children and youth; this is especially true in rural, remote, and under-resourced urban areas. Offering mental health supports and services within schools increases access compared to providing them in the community alone.

PolicyWise and the Alberta Health Services Addiction and Mental Health Strategic Clinical Network worked together to outline recommended actions to ensure children and youth in Alberta have access to consistent and equitable cross-sectoral, collaborative mental health supports in school settings.

  • Consistent means that mental health supports in schools are compatible and in agreement with Alberta’s provincial guiding and practice frameworks and are provided in the same way over time (baring improvements) to all youth, children, and families.
  • Equitable means that all school settings will provide access to core mental health supports, but some school setting will provide additional supports to individuals or groups facing additional challenges (e.g., social, economic). Recognizing the diversity of communities and school settings, mental health supports in schools will vary to a degree across Alberta communities.

The following summary highlights what we’ve learned through this work.

Download the full summary here.

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