Data Collaboration Projects

PolicyWise is excited to be involved in various projects at the cutting edge of data sharing. Our current projects are described below:

Calgary Thrives

PolicyWise and the Centre for Child Well-Being (Mount Royal University) recently completed a Calgary Foundation supported project in collaboration with six community-based organizations: Calgary Food Bank, Families Matter, SouthWest Community Resource Centre, Calgary Counselling Centre, Sunrise Community Link Resource Centre, and the Calgary Urban Project Society (CUPS).

The objective of the Calgary Thrives project was to identify and address barriers to data-driven collaboration. By building trust between the organizations involved, we were able to:

  • Devise implementation strategies for addressing legal/ethical/privacy barriers for sharing data at various levels.
  • Discover common meaningful indicators/predictors of poverty in the existing data sets for each of the contributing organizations.
  • Demonstrate the value of sharing data related to common indicators across agencies.
  • Gain knowledge regarding service use patterns, service overlap between programs, and outcome trajectories of clients where supported by data.
  • Use linked, individual-level data across multiple agencies.

Calgary Thrives became a precedent for further data sharing initiatives in the sector. These initiatives will build upon the success of Calgary Thrives and provide more insight into how better to serve vulnerable populations in the not-for-profit sector.

Click here to read the final report for the Calgary Thrives project.

Download the Calgary Thrives infographic here.

Collaborative Data Linkage Project

The Collaborative Data Linkage Project is a partnership between PolicyWise and C5, a collaboration between five community-based agencies:

  • Boyle Street Community Services
  • Bent Arrow Traditional Healing Society
  • Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers
  • Terra Centre for Teen Parents
  • Norwood Child & Family Resource Centre

The Collaborative Data Linkage Project is partially funded by the Stollery Charitable Foundation, Don & Joan Stanley Family Fund through Edmonton Community Foundation, and PolicyWise. The project will take place from November 1, 2018 to March 31, 2020.

The Collaborative Data Linkage Project aims to link and integrate data between the C5 agencies to enable closer integration of decision making, service evaluation, and planning. PolicyWise and C5 agencies will investigate the type of data collected by the agencies to assess how data can be anonymously linked and shared. To investigate the potential of linking and integrating data, we will:

  1. Conduct analysis on the clients’ journey across agencies to support a more holistic perspective of clients.
  2. Make recommendations for a shared intake process that encompasses the needs of the five agencies.
  3. Build capacity in C5 agencies to not only understand, but also keep linking, sharing, and using data.

Download the PolicyWise-C5 infographic here.

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