Data Deposit Process

Those wishing to deposit data can learn about the types of data we accept into SAGE on the SAGE Data Scope Statement.

1. Study Assessment
  • New project – When possible, we work with you at the project-conception stage to ensure data management, including sharing and secondary use, is considered and integrated throughout the program design. Considerations include data management planning, questionnaire and metadata development and ethics submission (when appropriate) that support data sharing.
  • Existing/ongoing projects – For projects already in progress or completed, SAGE works with you to explore the potential of their data for secondary use and address any challenges to it such as data quality and legal or ethical issues.
2. Data Deposit Agreement
  • We develop a Data Deposit Agreement with you to address considerations unique to the data, such as access restrictions (i.e., data embargoes, requirements for de-identification, etc.) or citation requirements. The Data Producer retains ownership of the original data.

3. Documentation and Metadata
  • We work closely with you to ensure that data is of sufficient quality and clear metadata is in place to facilitate data discovery and marketing of the data asset.
  • Data is transferred securely to SAGE. Data is stored in the SAGE Analytic Environment, which enables secure and remote access by approved accessors. Data is analyzed in situ, without leaving SAGE servers.