Depositing Data

Sharing your data in an ethical and legal way helps you to connect and build partnerships with researchers, others in your field, and specialists (i.e., analytic experts). Working together, data can be used in new ways and inform social policy and practice.

SAGE houses research data, community service data, and administrative data related to health and social well-being. The SAGE team will help you assess whether your data can be reused, and you might be surprised just how valuable your data is to a secondary user.

We manage access to your data according to an agreed-upon governance process, which includes the ethical review of accessors’ projects. Approved data is provided to users via the SAGE Analytic Environment, which means that it never leaves our secure servers.

By sharing your data, you ensure that more knowledge will be generated from the information entrusted to you by your participants or clients. SAGE works with data accessors to promote knowledge mobilization and document the impact of secondary data uses.

Researchers – Get in touch with us at any stage of your research project. If you are at the planning stage, we can help with language for consent and resource planning. If your project has already started, we can explore how data sharing can be integrated within your research plans.

Researchers should also note that funders and publishers are starting to emphasise the importance of excellence in managing and sharing data. For example, the Tri-Agency Statement of Principles of Digital Data Management  states that, “research data resulting from agency funding should normally be preserved in a publicly accessible, secure and curated repository or other platform for discovery and reuse by others.”

Community organizations – We are actively working with community organizations to support data use and sharing through SAGE.  We’d love to explore how sharing data can increase your impact and help you report to funders.

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