Reporting Requirements

PolicyWise publishes on its website and in reports the details of grant recipients, the research to be conducted, the funds awarded, and any findings and results of the work. Grant holders are required to submit annual and/or semi-annual reporting (depending on grant type) of their progress to keep their account in good standing.

Grant recipients are required to appropriately acknowledge funding from PolicyWise in all reports, publications, presentations, and materials.

A 1-3-25 format is required at the conclusion of all Grants and Awards (with an exception for SAGE and Seed Grants). Please follow this link for a description of what this involves. Publications submitted to another source do not meet the reporting requirements. Recipients are invited to additionally include any publications or other reports done on their funded work.

The final report encourages investigators to consider stakeholder groups that have demonstrated an interest in their research (through partnership or as a member of the research team) or who may be interested in the results, and to develop communications that will make the results easily accessible to these stakeholders. This may include decision-makers, policy-makers, service providers, parents, or other groups.

Reporting Templates: