Alberta Signs of Safety Overview: Collaboration with Partners (April 30 and May 2, 2014) – Part 1

While the child intervention agency may have ultimate legal responsibility to ensure children are safe, to deliver good day-to-day care for vulnerable children and their families, strong relationships between the statutory agency and partners in education, health, mental health, police service, and community agencies are essential. Interagency and professional collaboration requires coordination and integration across all agency levels, from senior management to service delivery staff. The Signs of Safety approach is designed to enable professional collaboration in service delivery to families. Special Presentation by Dr. Andrew Turnell Andrew Turnell is the co-creator of the Signs of Safety approach to child protection casework. Developed in West Australia, the approach continues to evolve as it is increasingly utilized around the world. Andrew has written extensively and teaches regularly on safety-organized practice. He serves as an ongoing consultant to child protection systems in Australia, Europe, Japan and North America, focusing both on direct practice and on leadership and organization that fosters rigorous frontline practice.

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