Trauma Informed Practice

Multi-year Trauma-informed Services Action Plan

In collaboration with Alberta Justice and the Alberta Solicitor General, PolicyWise is developing an action plan to integrate trauma-informed practices in the youth criminal justice system. Trauma-informed practice is an approach that understands, recognizes, and responds to the effects of trauma in individuals. This project includes updating Young Offender Branch policies and documents to reflect this approach, creating related materials for staff and families, and developing an action plan to the implement the approach.

Activities completed in 2017-18 include:
• First meeting with the senior management of the Youth Offender Branch in September 2017.
• Data collection in fall 2017 and winter 2018.
• Convening the Young Offender Centre Action Team.
• Provided trauma-informed practice training to the action team
• Developing trauma-informed service maps for
young offender centres.
• These service maps use a trauma-informed lens to identify issues and potential changes that could be made within each of the centres.
• Presenting a multi-year action plan to Youth Offender Branch leaders and action team.

Next Steps
Implementing the second year of the action plan will include:

  • trauma-informed practice training for staff
  • reviewing the talent acquisition process
  • assessing staff annually
  • ongoing review of policies and procedures.