Application and Review Processes


To be eligible to apply to PolicyWise:

  1. The Primary Investigator must be affiliated with a post-secondary institution eligible to hold funds from PolicyWise
  2. The project must be policy relevant, fit with the values, mission, and research themes of PolicyWise, and be directly relevant to Alberta
  3. The research team must have key team members based in Alberta
  4. The research team must involve policymakers, decision-makers, and/or community partners in the research
  5. The research team must abide by PolicyWise Guidelines for Indigenous Research, if applicable

Depending on the type of grant, additional eligibility criteria apply. Please refer to the descriptions of the types of funding opportunities and what each entails.

To support PolicyWise’ core function of building capacity, research teams must include trainees, students and/or junior investigators.

Application Process

  1. Review identified priority topics for policy relevance (as found on the Grant Overview page).
  2. Download and complete the appropriate application form. Prepare attachments including proposal, budget, and other requirements as applicable for each grant type.
  3. Assemble application, attachments, and obtain required institutional and team signatures.
  4. Attach the appendices to the PDF application form as per the instructions in the form.
  5. Submit the application by email on or before the submission deadline date to

Peer Review Process

A)    Scientific review

All funding applications received by PolicyWise undergo an internal and/or external review by at least two reviewers who are content and/or methodological experts. Reviewers assign numeric scores from 0-8 in key areas for each application. These scores are weighted and averaged across reviewers, and applications are ranked by score. Please select from the following links to see the criteria that each type of grant is reviewed on:

B)    Policy review

Applications that receive an average weighted score of 75% or higher in the scientific review are then reviewed for policy relevance by representatives within the Ministry of Children’s Services. Applications are scored out of 20; those that score above 50% continue through for funding decision.

Funding Decisions

Applications above the cut off points for both the scientific and policy reviews have their scores compiled and ranked. Eligible applications are funded from the top of a ranked list until the available funds are depleted. Final funding decisions are approved by the PolicyWise Board of Directors.