Resiliency & Build Better Data

Collecting meaningful data about people is challenging. This is particularly true in the non-profit sector. Resources are stretched and funder requirements can conflict with practical considerations and the unique information and data needs of each non-profit. Yet, without a collective way to gather and share information about the people they serve, non-profits struggle to tell their stories, highlight their collective impact, target advocacy efforts, and be resilient in the face of change. PolicyWise understood these challenges. They also knew time was of the essence – needs and challenges were both amplified by the global pandemic that took hold just as the project was getting off the ground. So, in partnership with non-profits across Alberta, PolicyWise got to work. They listened. And, they drew on their expertise and that of their partners related to gathering meaningful data in the sector. What they created was an interactive tool freely available for all to access: Build Better Data. Non-profits can now easily find resources and guidance on how, when, and from whom to collect information. With this, they can identify gaps in service, draw attention to shifting needs, and advocate for the communities they serve – essential tasks to direct COVID-19 recovery efforts that are equitable and build resilience in Alberta and across Canada.