Environmental and Jurisdictional Scans

A jurisdictional scan will allow you to consider how other locations have addressed challenges, and the impact and outcomes of their programs and policies. A jurisdictional scan can compare options based on actions taken elsewhere, and support your decision-making process.

Completed Jurisdictional Scans

PolicyWise has a strong reputation for collaboration, inclusion, and broad stakeholder engagement approaches and strategies. We promote and inspire meaningful change; generate evidence-informed, context-based recommendations; and support robust cross-sector connection, alignment, and learning. Our multi-disciplinary team has expertise in:

(a)    the public, social, and private sector ecosystems
(b)    various research and evaluation methods to inform decision-making and drive quality improvement, and
(c)    mobilizing knowledge in clear and compelling ways to inform policy and practice.

How this approach is applied is critical to our project delivery. Projects conducted with PolicyWise are:

  • Participatory and collaborative. Our team will ensure ongoing connection and dialogue with stakeholders.
  • Developmental in nature. Iterative, evolving, flexible application and use of structures and processes is an essential component of our work.
  • Focused on learning and improving. Ongoing reflection is encouraged to identify what worked and what did not work, and how challenges can be or were addressed. Reflection contributes to learning cycles, through which we can learn how the quality of our work can be improved.
  • Responsive to stakeholders and context. Structures, processes, and tools are not used as a checklist, but are applied as required by PolicyWise staff, depending on the needs of specific projects, to create quality work.

Our contextual understanding of initiatives is improved through conducting environmental and jurisdictional scans where we not only look into academic and grey literature, but also connect with key informants in various jurisdictions to gain more in-depth understanding. Some examples of these types of scans are highlighted below.