SAGE – Secondary Analysis to Generate Evidence

Evidence informed policy and practice through optimal use of data

SAGE (Secondary Analysis to Generate Evidence) is a collaborative data repository platform that connects stakeholders through secondary use of data. Research data, community service data, and administrative data related to health and social well-being is managed and shared through SAGE. SAGE increases the value of data by providing the infrastructure, processes and governance to bring stakeholders together to use data in new ways and inform social policy and practice.

The SAGE team offers a broad array of services that support data management, secondary use of data and knowledge mobilization.


SAGE is a value-added platform. We provide a broad array of services that support data management, analysis and dissemination to increase the value of data assets. SAGE is leveraging PolicyWise’ expertise in the following areas:

  • Building partnerships with government policy makers and community practitioners;
  • Enabling secondary research, data linkage and data analytics;
  • Mobilizing knowledge;
  • Building capacity in Alberta.

Working with SAGE

Accessing Data – learn about the process to access SAGE data assets.
Depositing Data – learn about how to deposit your data with SAGE.
Current Data Assets – learn about SAGE data assets.
Secondary Data Use Grant – learn about our grant to incentivize secondary data use at SAGE!

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