Housing & Homelessness

A Housing & Homelessness Research Strategy for Alberta

PolicyWise has been working in partnership with the Alberta Inter-Agency Council on Homelessness to develop and implement a research, knowledge mobilization and data linkage strategy to support the province’s 10-Year Plan to End Homelessness. The goal of the strategy is to put research and evaluation into the hands of service providers and policy makers to prevent and end homelessness in Alberta. The unique needs of vulnerable populations and Indigenous  communities have been taken into consideration in the development of the research priorities.


PolicyWise has partnered with The Homeless Hub to provide a place to share Alberta research in housing and homelessness. The latest research produced in Alberta is listed within the Alberta Community Profile.

Reports & Bibliographies Sponsored by PolicyWise for Children & Families

Homelessness Studies Completed by Alberta Researchers
Rural Homelessness in Alberta Report
Annotated Bibliography: Socio-Legal Research Related to the Legal Context of Women Fleeing Domestic Violence (MOVE TO BOTTOM)
Indigenous Women Fleeing Domestic Violence As It Relates to Housing and Homelessness


Rural Homelessness Report Webcast (June 2014)

Research Strategy Launch and Learning Event – October 2014

Housing First Toolkit – November 2014

Making Data Meaningful – April 2015 – in collaboration with Calgary Homelessness Foundation and University of Calgary

Alberta Rural Development Network Conference – May 2015 – in collaboration with Alberta Rural Development Network

Consultation on Research Priorities: Women Fleeing Domestic Violence as it Intersects with Housing and Homelessness – May 2015

Presentation at Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness Conference – November 2015

Research Day – February 2016 – in collaboration with Edmonton Homeward Trust

Learning Series – Integration – May 2016 – in collaboration with Seven Cities

Housing, Homelessness and Inclusion: Targeted Responses for Specialized Populations – June 28, 2016

Homeless Hub Alberta Tab – Launched in October 2015

Housing and Homelessness Research Strategy for Alberta Launch and Learning Event