PolicyWise manages projects and initiatives that support its four strategic directions. These strategic directions reinforce our core functions and are PolicyWise’ focus from 2014-2018. Activities that support these strategic directions are listed in the drop-down menu under the Intiatives’ tab.

Strategic Directions

  1. Lead in the management, linkage, and analysis of administrative data and research to identify opportunities for improvement.
  2. Build capacity for the generation and use of policy relevant, interdisciplinary research in the domains of child, family and community well-being.
  3. Mobilize knowledge built on evidence to support cross-sectoral policy and service delivery.
  4. Measure the impact of The Centre’s initiatives.

Core Functions

  • Engage in research, evaluation, communication and knowledge mobilization
  • Conduct, fund and build capacity in applied research
  • Link, analyze and manage data
  • Manage resources and strategic relationships
  • Measure and communicate our impact and value