Data Lab

Link, analyze, and inform!

The Data Lab links and analyzes data to inform policy and program development with the provincial government and community agencies. We are unique in our capacity to help stakeholders track key societal indicators such as the educational and health outcomes of Albertans with disabilities or Albertans requiring income support. The Data Lab strives to improve the outcomes of all Albertans through applied, policy-relevant research.

Current Longitudinal Project

Experiences of Alberta Children and Youth Over Time, 2005-06 to 2010-11

This longitudinal, cross-ministry study is an analysis of over two million Albertans and their use of government services over the span of six years. Findings can be accessed using online, interactive data visualizations.

Access all deliverables from this project.

Previous Projects

Experiences of Albertan youth in 2008/09

This study looked at ministry service usage for virtually all youth aged 12 to 24 years during that year.

Access a collection of Data Bytes – quick facts gathered from the findings.

Access the details – includes introduction, summary of findings, 15 topic-directed reports and technical reports.