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SHARP – Floyd Visser

Presenter: Floyd Visser

Social Return on Investment

Presenter: Adam Melnyk

Families in Two Calgary Shelters

Presenter: Patty Kilgallon

Homeless Charter of Rights

Presenter: Cam Stewart

Connected or Disconnected: When media and social media affect adolescent mental health: Children’s Mental Health Series

Presenter: Dr. Kelly Dean Schwartz

with Dr. Kelly Dean Schwartz, University of Calgary

CIFAR – Catalyzing Innovative Ideas for Social Challenges – Moderated Q&A

Presenter: Alexander Haslam, Franco Savoia, Catherine Haslam, Martin Garber-Conrad, Robert Oxoby, and Allan Undheim

Dennis Embry – PAX Presentation

Presenter: Dennis Embry

Supporting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) Youth with Dr. Kris Wells

Presenter: Dr. Kris Wells

This 90-minute session is part of the Government of Alberta’s Children’s Mental Health Learning Series. All previous sessions can be...

Keywords: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, Trans*, LGBT,LGBTQ,LGBTQIA, LGBTQ+, Kris Wells, Queer, Youth, Support

CMHLS – Kris Wells (January 6)

Presenter: Dr. Kristopher Wells

Keywords: Child, Mental Health, Learning, Learning and Development

CMHLS – Kelly Dean Schwartz (December 2)

Presenter: Kelly Dean Schwartz

Keywords: Child, Mental Health, Learning, Learning and Development

Housing First Toolkit Discussion

Presenter: Dr. Lauren Polvere, Timothy MacLeod, Sue Fortune, Karen Poffenroth, and Wally Czech

Alberta Justice and Solicitor General Victim’s Services has been involved in a federally funded, two-year research initiative regarding missing and...

Keywords: Housing, Homelessness, Homeless