Strategic Business Plan

What we do and how we do it

PolicyWise has developed an approach that is built on collaboration with multiple partners and stakeholders across sectors and disciplines to develop capacity, knowledge, and skill in researchers, policymakers, service providers, and families.

To achieve this, PolicyWise’s five core functions are:

  • Engage in research, evaluation, communication, and knowledge mobilization
  • Conduct, fund, and build capacity in applied research
  • Link, analyze, and manage data
  • Manage resources and strategic relationships
  • Measure and communicate our impact and value

We have focused our efforts on five research themes that help address the most significant challenges in Alberta’s social system:

  1. Early childhood development
  2. Middle childhood and youth well-being
  3. Family capacity building
  4. Community capacity building
  5. Tracking long-term outcomes

Initiatives and Projects

A complete listing of our projects and initiatives, funded research and knowledge mobilization initiatives is available in our Annual Reports. The following initiatives have been selected because of significant factors such as potential policy and program impact.

Strategic Business Plan 2017 - 2020