About PolicyWise

We connect people with evidence.

We meet people where they are. This means that we work collaboratively with people to clearly define the issues that they need to address. Together we ensure high quality evidence that informs wise decisions. We continuously assess what is working and what is not and adjust to achieve our common goals.

Our Vision

Children, youth, and families thrive in respectful, safe, and supportive environments shaped by wise decisions.

Our Mission

To inform, identify, and promote effective social policy and practice to improve the well-being of children, families, and communities.

PolicyWise is a charitable, not-for-profit corporation. We are managed by a President and CEO and governed by a dedicated Board of Directors. Our employees are experts in applied research and evaluation, data science, knowledge mobilization, marketing & communications, and administration.

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Who We Work With

There are cross-sectoral stakeholders that influence child well-being. As a result, our work often involves working closely with:

  • all of Alberta‚Äôs Government ministries
  • community agencies
  • educational institutions
  • organizations from across Canada and internationally