ABNN Data to Action

Let’s move from talking to doing!

On February 5, 2019, PolicyWise for Children & Families, in partnership with the Alberta Nonprofit Network (ABNN), facilitated the one-day Data to Action event in Edmonton. The purpose was focused on learning and developing better data competency.

Participants worked together with other stakeholders to gather information about how to think strategically about their data, what elements are needed to build organizational capacity for data and evidence, and how to draw data into compelling stories. 


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The Alberta Nonprofit Network (ABNN) is an independent network of nonprofits seeking to advance the cohesive, pro-active, and responsive nonprofit sector in Alberta.

“The quality of speakers and their realistic foundations, their genuine desire to share their experiences and current challenges and wins, were really meaningful. It’s not something I can quantify rather, see as an acknowledgement that this is deep work and not easily achieved. The way you structured every element of the workshops led to very real networking and the potential for future collaboration. Very rare. “


“I really enjoyed the whole day and found it very helpful. I’m only disappointed that I was not able to participate in all three workshops.”


“It was a great opportunity for people to come together and highlight the importance of good data work.”


Stay tuned for the Data to Action event in Calgary in spring 2019!

Contact us at data@policywise.com for more information or if you have any questions about the event.