MyCHILD Collaboration Final Report ā€“ Exploring integration of data for children with neurodevelopmental disabilities

The Maternal, Youth, Children and Infant Linked Data Alberta Initiative (MyCHILD) is a collaboration between the Maternal, Newborn, Child and Youth Strategic Network of Alberta Health Services, Alberta Community and Social Services, PolicyWise, and Alberta Innovates. The goal is explore the ongoing integration of data for children with neurodevelopmental disabilities, as well as those who experience complex medical conditions from health and non-health government data sources. Such children are served through many social services including health, childrenā€™s services, disability services, and others. With better integration of data between these diverse sectors, novel insight can be gained into their experiences and outcomes, thereby informing improvement in care and efficiencies of service. MyCHILD was contemplated as a linked data repository that could be leveraged to conduct analysis on children with neurodevelopmental disabilities, complex medical conditions, and many other health and social challenges. The final report details lessons learned and potential future avenues of exploration.

Download the final report here: The Secondary Use Data Project – Demonstration Project #5.