New publication in The Philanthropist

Illustration by Paul Dotey, via The Philanthropist.

Kiran Pohar Manhas, and PolicyWise staff Jason Lau and Xinjie Cui recently published an article titled “Sharing Data and Protecting Privacy: A Case Study from Alberta” in The Philanthropist. This article is a shorter, peer-reviewed portion of a full report titled “Law and Governance of Secondary Data Use.” Read the article abstract below.

The internet and emerging technologies facilitate and promote data re-use and re-purposing in multiple ways that often diverge from the original purposes at collection. Thus, many actors are increasingly considering the availability and opportunity of data, including those working in the public, research, private, and non-profit sectors. Where information about people is concerned, privacy obligations arise legally and ethically. We conducted research into the privacy obligations and practices that accompany data re-use and re-purposing for non-profit organizations in Alberta. Our detailed review revealed three key things: (a) privacy laws do not apply universally or uniformly to non-profit organizations; (b) the three major features of a balanced approach to data use and privacy protection include reasonableness, consent, and minimal extent possible; and (c) privacy laws and international principles offer guidance on best privacy practices.

Sharing Data and Protecting Privacy: A Case Study from Alberta” was published on November 27, 2017 in The Philanthropist, a free online journal for practitioners, academics, supporters and others engaged in the nonprofit sector in Canada.