Family planning and healthcare provider practice patterns in Alberta: Are they aligned with the Ready or Not provincial campaign? A health administrative study using the All Our Babies data


Primary Investigator: Dr. Jennifer Zwicker, University of Calgary

Overview: The following study will use data from the All Our Babies dataset to examine behaviours by families and healthcare providers and determine if they align with a provincial Ready or Not policy campaign targeted towards providing information and resources for preconception, prenatal planning and infant health. The results from the study will be used to inform healthcare administrators’ understanding of whether visiting certain types of healthcare providers during preconception and pregnancy leads to a greater likelihood that women will receive certain types of preconception and prenatal advice and education, as opposed to other types of messaging. This will inform whether more work needs to take place in terms of raising awareness among all preconception and prenatal care providers to ensure that women are receiving the same standard of care regardless of who they choose as their preconception or prenatal healthcare provider.