A secondary data analysis of emerging stigma in the What Albertans Know about FASD


Primary Investigator: Dr. Peter Choate, Mount Royal University

Overview: This FASD data set has been reviewed for its utility in relation to a secondary data analysis focusing on the ways in which public attitudes, stigma, prevention, and intervention intersect. In assessing the general knowledge of FASD through this survey, the data that was available for review highlighted particular intersections for stigma, and potential new avenues for prevention initiatives involving family, community, and bystanders. An early review of the data suggests that there are several perceptions and beliefs that have not been capitalized upon for prevention strategies, for example as seen in question b 8.1, 2 and 3. These are focused on individuals who are involved directly in the life of a woman and her use of alcohol during pregnancy, and who may serve as active supports for harm reduction or abstinence. This data set secondary analysis opens the door to an exploratory study to examine approaches to a persistent societal issue that begs creative responses and that can speak more respectfully and directly to at risk populations without perpetrating already existing and profound stigmas.